Kiss unboxing 7/1. Next Wednesday!

imageOur Kiss machine is ready for pickup. Unboxing party next Wednesday July 1st. Come down and help us crack open the box and set it up and put the first game on the brand new machine!  We will be sure to be cranking the volume on this one for the night.

See everyone there next week.

Time to grow.

Ok so the time has come where we have outgrown our current location at The Sanctum. There is about 40 of you addicts showing up every Wednesday night and we love it. The only downside is we are getting very crowded. We recently upgraded the AC on our own along with everything else we’ve done along the way. All of the machines, including the new kiss machine which we are picking up this week, have all been personally funded.

We have found a new space slightly more than double the size of our current spot in the same building on the second floor. We need to put up a decent amount of money again to move to the new spot. Upon move in we will need to upgrade things like the AC again and upgrade the power distribution for proper game layout. We are thinking about starting a small kickstarter to help offset these costs for us just to get into the new spot. Again everything until now has been out of our pockets and many many hours and late nights after our jobs. We really love doing this and the support you’ve all shown has been great so far. Everyone’s donations go straight towards our rent costs and have been greatly appreciated. Stretch goals would be to set up cameras and stuff to live stream every week and tournaments too if everyone is really ambitious.

The spot is available to us at the end of July. This spot would give us tons of breathing room, spots for new games, and allow us to increase the 24 hour final battle to a full field of 64. If we started a kickstarter let us know in the comments if you’d make a donation or not. Seeing if the interest is there before we take the time to create one.

Thanks for all your continued support,
-The Sanctum