Kickstarter Stretch goal 3!

We’ve hit our last goal again with plenty of time left!  Thanks again for all the help.

Our next goal is $10,000 to setup up a repair and maintenance shop.  Our hope is to have enough spare parts and tools on hand with all the proper tools to get games back online as soon as they go down.  We don’t want to have any downtime on games.  We know how much that bums everyone out.  We have been working with a lot of our part vendors to help us out with keeping fresh parts on hand and keep these games running in top shape consistently. This combined with our streaming setup we can do regular tech nights to help everyone to learn how to repair there own games and start doing local repair nights for the community in the future.

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We made the local newspaper again!

The Record Journal in Meriden did a follow piece to the one they did this winter, to talk about our kickstarter campaign.


You ou can see the article here:


1st stretch goal reached. Let’s hit another!


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In a weeks time we reached the stretch goal of a live streaming setup! Now everyone will be able to enjoy everything we do here even if you can’t be here.

For our next stretch goal if we get to 8000$ we will upgrade our announcement system of a bullhorn and small TV screen. We’d love to upgrade to a PA system for better communication with all our players when all the games are running and swap out the TV for a projector to fit all players standings and info on the wall during our events and tournaments.

We are so thrilled with all the support and can’t wait to present the new Sanctum to everyone.


Please support our Kickstarter to expand The Sanctum

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We have launched our kickstarter to help raise funds to expand The Sanctum to a new unit over twice the size. We have the spot lined up and just need funding to outfit the place for our needs. We will increase our seating areas, have more room for players around games, fit a few more games in and be able to maintain the games better in a larger spot.


We we have a bunch of great rewards for helping us and hope everyone continues to support us as they have before for the past year.

Special thanks to Tom Nelson for his great video for our campaign.