Season 3 of CRAP League starts Monday!

Its time to kick off season 3!  We start this Monday 8/20/18 at 7:30! RIP location will start on Wednesday 8/22/18. Doors are at 6:30. Try to get here before 7:30 and sign up so we can start on time. League runs for 8 weeks and has 4 division skill levels that all pay out the same. Everyone qualifies to play in finals after the 8 weeks and compete for prize money. There is a one time league fee of 20$ when you signup. All for trophies and prize money. You only have to make 5 of the 8 weeks to qualify for finals.   We encourage everyone to come signup up and give it a try and be part of our community. 


Our two two winners from this summers knockout series were John Esposito and Eric Moberg. Congrats to them as they earns free entry into league this season.