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CRaP League Finals postponed

Just a reminder to everyone. CRAP League Season 7 finals that were originally scheduled for this Saturday are postponed until further notice along with all out other events. Once we know things can go back to operating we will set new dates for any events we have going forward.

Gauntlet tournament this monday!

Fun night of a series of Gauntlet challenges for our weekly tournament. 4 games will be chosen each with a simple task. You will be timed how quickly you can go down the 4 machines completing each goal. Fastest time wins. We will start at 7:30. A run at the gauntlet will cost 1$. After everyone who has chosen to play has had a run we will payout the winner with the best time and start a new run on new games with another 1$ buy in for the new run. We will keep doing these all night as long as everyone wants to. If you want in on the first run and early action try to be here by 7:30. Doors will be open at 6:30. CRAP League will start next week.

Pinburgh satellite tournament. Win a pinburgh tIcket!

We will be hosting a 4 strike knockout tournament February 16th for Pinburgh/Replay Foundation. 

The winner of this tournament will be awarded a Pinburgh ticket before they go on sale. 

Doors will be at Noon and the tournament will start at 1PM. There is no player cap or pre registration. We will sign everyone up at the door. Cost will be 10$ door fee for access to all game on freeplay plus a 20$ donation to Replay Foundation. Top prize will be a Pinburgh ticket and there will be many other prizes handed out to other players. 

Format is group Matchplay with 4 strikes. 3rd/4th place on a game earns you a strike. Three player groups will only give a strike to third place. Groupings will be Swiss pairings. We will be following the IFPAPA rule set