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CRAP League Season 2 Finals and Pingolf Tournament Saturday.

Finals for everyone in Season 2 of CRAP League take place this Saturday. Doors at 11. Finals start at noon. Please be checking in before noon so we can start promptly. 

We also will have the Pingolf tournament on the side again as well. 5$ entry for golf and trophies and prizes will be awarded as well as WPPR points as its an IFPA event. Play the 6 holes anytime during the day. Fill out a scorecard. Get the games in before we start or in between rounds. Pingolf Finals will take place following the league finals. 

Sold out so fast!

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming response again!  Here are the current lists as I work to clean these up a little better and get an official list going when I can recover!

Registered list:

Joe Albertson
Deborah Tahlman
Gene X Hwang
Beth Senturia
Matthew Carlson
Holly Danowski
Tony Pierce
Joe Caravino
Marc Patenaude
Alberto Santana
Emily May
David Peller
David Bourque
Benoit Bisson
Dennis Gardner
Theresa Nessel
Julien Plouffe Gingras
Daniel Coyle
Mark Hauser
Howard Levine
Nicole Bernier
Chris Point
charles Webster
Jeff Teolis
Dale Geiger
Christina Cimino
Dylan Sheak
Matthew Wall
Julie Dorssers
Greg Poverelli
Rick Rock
Seth Clayter
JT Harrison
Chris Smith
Jared Schmidt
augustus eustis
john delzoppo
Michael Capone
Thomas Nelson
John Manuelian
Monica Rush
Steven Bowden
Bo Williams
Leslie Kozloski
Kevin Duffy
Joe Said
Tyler Aas
Michael Corbett
Nathan Straz
Evan Bookbinder
Stephanie Guida
Austin Smith
Alex Jeffrey
Jeff Parsons
Cryss Stephens
Matthew Amann
Ed Giardina
Mike Pantino
Tim Sexton
Christopher Dirga
Justin Burkett
Lewis Bevans
Bowen Kerins
Scott Wilson
Eric Marz
Keith Merrill
Phil Birnbaum
Jeff Barthold
Edward Jacques
Eric Moberg
Michael Korcynski
Ryan McQuaid
Zachary Frey
Nicholas DeStefano
David Aceto
Jerry Lindsay
Bruce nightingale
Joseph Lemire
Megan Brown
Ian Harrower
Anna Wolk
Aaron Lashua
Gilles Melanson
Joshua Senzer
Erik Swedlund
Andrew Stevens
Jay Sterkel
Jeffrey Bondorew
Howard Dobson
Stephanie Harvey
Jay Ramey
Paul Caras
Mike Testa



James Calcia
Francis Parks
Stephen Longchamps
Matthew Guay
David Plaisted
Ryan Altemose
Ryan Voytek
Anthony Radzicki
Dave Hubbard
Kenneth Weiner
Corey Hulse
howard edelstein
Rob Dancu
Senetra Chhloeum
Andy Obelnicki
Andrew Rosa
Robinson Culver
Harry Jackson
Ronald Hallett
Lindsey Rhoades
Elliott Keith
Robert DeStasio
Jerry Bernard
Rick Sinkiewicz
Andrew Vacco
Madmike Richardson
Ed Zeltmann
Andy Rosa
Eric Wagensonner
David Taylor
Tom DeStasio
Joseph Ciaravino
Jason Werdrick
James obrien
L Stiger
Shawn Hillman
Frederick Richardson
Eric DeStasio
Anthony Wojtkowiak
Loren Manginelli
Maya Nigrosh
Tom Coltart
Kristen Gregory
Chris Harvey
sharon Hebenstreit
Megan Sprague
Chris Holland
Sarah Demarest
Mark Filipelli

Final Battle tickets this Saturday!

Reminder. This Saturday at 3 PM eastern. Don’t snooze. If it’s sold out when you go to get tickets be sure to get on the waitlist which will appear once it’s sold out. All the info and links are right on front of homepage. Get familiar with the site and ticketing site now!