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Pinball Poker League Starting in June

image10$ Entry fee. Season starts Monday June 20th at 7:30 PM Meets every Monday. We will skip Monday July 4th for the Holliday and Monday August 1st for those traveling back from Pinburgh. Finals for all players will be Monday August 15th.

Poker League. 6 weeks. Two worst weeks dropped.

Each week players get paired up in groups of 4(and threesomes if we need to). 5 games preselected for you. Each group is handed 72$ worth of poker chips divided evenly. Groups of 4 everyone gets 18$. Groups of 3 everyone gets 24$

At the start of a game everyone antes a set $ amount up to play the game. Everyone plays ball 1. Your ball 1 score is the cards you were dealt. Before the start of ball 2 player one can bet or call. Then player 2 either matches the bet, raises or folds like poker. Then same for player 3 and so on. The maximum a bet can reach is 2$ per ball. Then ball 2 is played with everyone still in. Before ball 3 this is repeated. End of ball 3 winner takes the pot. Basic poker rules. 5 Ball EMs will have betting take place at the end of ball 2 and ball 5 to follow the same structure.

This goes on for 5 games. At the end of the 5 games however many dollars in chips you have left is your points for the night. With the 3/4 players groups having different total chips per player(but same overall chips available for the taking for the night) the antes will be different in each group size. 1$ ante in 4 player groups and 2$ ante in 3 player groups.

End of season winners based on total points accrued over the 6 weeks minus the 2 lowest. Top half in A division. Bottom half in B. Finals format will be no limit poker with tables being reformed once 2 players have been eliminated from each group.  This goes on until one person has all the chips.

24 Hour Final Battle registration this Monday!

Registration for the Final Battle on November 5th will open this Monday at 7 PM. First come forest serve. Either signup in person at The Sanctum or look for the signup sheet on the site at 7PM. If you signup on here you wil be sent back an email confirming your spot with instructions on how to pay. You will have 24 hours to submit your payment before your spot is given to the next person in line. 

Registration for 24 Hour Final Battle date!

imageWe wil be opening registration for the 24 hour final battle tournament on Monday May 9th at 7 PM. You can either register online or in person at The Sanctum.  To register in person just show up at the The Sanctum and pay the entry fee during our open hours.  To register online we will post an email form on this site  submit an email and that will hold your spot as we send you a link back to submit payment.  Your spot will only be held for 24 hours until your payment is submitted.

Entry fee is refundable until August 31st  after that it is only refundable if we are able to fill your spot

The entry fee for this year is 60$ and full details of this event can be found here:

24 Hour Final Battle Event Page