We run 3 seasons of CRAP League a year here, running on Mondays night. Standings for our current season can be found here: Http://crap.league.papa.org

Season 9 of CRAP League will start on January 24th where Monday nights will take place at The Sanctum (290 Pratt St. Meriden CT) with a start time of 7:30 PM.  Then on January 25th Tuesday nights will take place at Pizza J (967 Westminster St. Providence RI) with a start time of 6:30PM. The season will run for 8 weeks.   We will still drop your 2 lowest scores or missed weeks. 6 weeks will count to your final score.  League dues for the season will be $20. All money goes towards division payouts and trophies at finals of the season. Each week you will be put into groups of 4 and each player will pick one game for the night. You will get a score of 7/5/3/1 based on what place you come on in each game to give you a total score for the night. All standings will be available on crap.league.papa.org Everyone will qualify for finals. Top 16 will be A division, next 16 B and so on. Finals will be group elimination matchplay. Below is the schedule of the dates that will be played. You can only choose to play one location per week. 

Week 1

Sanctum Jan 24th

Pizza J Jan 25th

Week 2

Sanctum Jan 31st

Pizza J Feb 1st

Week 3

Sanctum Feb 7th

Pizza J Feb 8th

Week 4

Sanctum Feb 16th (Wednesday instead of Monday)

Pizza J Feb 15th

Week 5 

Sanctum Feb 21st

Pizza J Feb 22nd

Week 6

Sanctum Feb 28th

Pizza J Mar 1st

Week 7

Sanctum Mar 7th

Pizza J Mar 8th

Week 8

Sanctum Mar 14th

Pizza J Mar 15th


Sanctum Mar 19th