Crap League Season 6 Monday!

This weeks kicks of season 6 of CRAP League. We start tomorrow (Monday) 9/9/19. Doors are at 6:30. League starts at 7:30. Please try to be there a few minutes early to sign up for the season. 

If you want to play in RI Flipside will be hosting league on Wednesday night in Westerly. You are free to play either location during the week but just one location per week. 

League runs for 8 weeks. Only 6 best weeks count. Play a minimum of 5 and you are qualified for finals at the end of the season. All divisions have equal payouts. 

Cost of league is 20$ for the season and then coin drop/door fee each week at the location. 

We will also be enjoying some nice beer this season courtesy of our sponsor DuVig Brewing

Closed tonight

Reminder!  Closed tonight and next Monday as we prep and unpack for Pintastic New England show this weekend. We will be there running the Stern Pro Circuit tournament The Silverball Rumble. See everyone there!

League finals and pingolf tournament this saturday

CRAP League season 5 finals take place this Saturday. Doors are at 11 and you must be checked in for finals by 12 Noon.

We will also be running out usual side pingolf tournament. 6 holes of pin masters style golf must be played by end of league finals (Roughly 5-6PM) Pingolf finals will take place for the top 8 once league finals are finished. All are welcome to signup.

Closed for New Years Eve

Closed tonight for the holiday. We kick off Season 4 of CRAP League next Monday the 7th with our friends at Front Porch Brewing providing gift cards and prizes all season long! We start at 7:30 next week. Come a few minutes early and sign up. We have divisions for all skill levels. Everyone is welcome.

Adding some fun changes to tonight’s knockout tournament

Tonight we will try some changes to the knockout tournaments to see if it’s even more enjoyable for everyone. This will be a progressive strikes event. You will start the night with 9 strikes. In a three player group only 1st place will receive no strikes. If you come in 2nd you get one strike, 3rdgets two strikes and 4th gets 3 strikes. For those pesky 3 player groups things get a bit better with this format as 2nd gets one strike and 3rd gets two strikes. 

Hooe to see everyone tonight!  Doors at 6:30. Start at 7:30