Voting for 2017-18 PAPA Circuit is open.

With The Final Battle already included in the PAPA circuit this year we added the Pintastic tournament to the circuit voting list. If you would like another circuit event in the northeast please click on the link below and vote. At Pintastic we run a format like the PAPA world championships used until this year. Here is an opportunity to put that format back into the circuit.


IFPA State Championship this weekend!


This weekend is the 2016 IFPA State Championship for the top 16 players in the state.  This tournament will kick off at Noon Saturday.  We welcome spectators but during the tournament the games will be dedicated to the players.  We will be streaming and would love to have a volunteer to commentate on the stream until one of the tournament players is available for commentating as well.

The bracket can be seen and followed at:

The stream can be watched at