The 9th Annual Final Battle is a 24 hour long non stop marathon tournament taking place the weekend of November 2nd-3rd 2024

Cost of entry is $155.  Entries to this tournament will be limited to 100 spots with one spot reserved for the previous year’s winner if they choose to play and defend their title.  Registration will be a lottery system that is currently open at Joining the waitlist on the Eventbrite page will confirm your spot into the lottery. Registration will close for the lottery On June 15th at 11:59 PM. Any player who joins the waitlist after this time will not be included in the lottery but will be added to the bottom of the waitlisted players from the lottery. The lottery will be held live in person at The Sanctum on Monday June 17th at 7:30 PM right before our weekly tournament. Everyone is welcome to come for the lottery drawing. This lottery will be drawn by a registered and secured system that will generate a code everyone can use to see results and it will also be recorded. Results will be posted on after the lottery draw for everyone to see. This will also include everyone who is waitlisted and what their spot in line is. All players who who were chosen in the lottery will have a ticket released via Eventbrite within 12 hours and will be emailed to purchase the ticket. If ticket is not purchased within 24 hours of being released you will forfeit your spot. Spots are NON TRANSFERABLE. All waitlisted players will be listed with their order in line on The Sanctum website. Waitlisted players are highly likely to be contacted at some point for an open spot. We often go far down our waitlist as time moves on. If you are waitlisted we recommended keeping the date open still as there is a good chance a spot will be offered to you at some point. 

We kick off the weekend with a pre tournament Friday November 1st with a 3 strike knockout  tournament open to all to give players a chance to see the games being used and try them out. Cost of entry is $40 Tournament starts at 6 PM. The facility is closed at 10 PM so everyone goes home to rest. All prize money from this will be donated to charity. 

The main event starts Saturday the 2nd at 10 AM. Doors to the facility open at 9 AM. This is a group matchplay format with straight Swiss seeding throughout the event. The first round will be a complete random pairing of groups. 

Each round will be 4 player groups playing 3 preselected games. The first round will be random pairings. Scoring is 3-2-1-0. In the case when people drop out as the event goes on and we have a 3 player group they will always be at the bottom and scoring will be 3-1.5-0. 

After the first round is complete we will immediately start the next round. New groups will be formed by top points working our way down.  Ties for groupings will be broken by the player with most 1st place wins and then go down to most 2nd place wins to break any further ties.  Any critical ties for top positions after final round will be broken by a game of Stern Electronics Stars.  We will play as many rounds as we can in the 24 hour block.  Statistically we run 16 rounds for this event. Since this is daylight savings weekend we gain an hour so the event will conclude at 9 AM on Sunday the 3rd

We will have a few small periodic breaks in between rounds to allow people to head out to local places for food/supplies. We will have a fridge for everyone to use and a water cooler. Please bring your own water bottle to fill to help us keep down on the waste and clutter of empty cups everywhere during the event. We have chairs and couches for seating but welcome people to bring folding type chairs for sitting in our hallway. We will be using for tracking results and this will provide notifications to all players. 

Prize money will be structured as follows:

Starting with the first round we will have a 100$ bounty available to any player who at any time during the 24 hour period can beat The Final Battle on The Shadow. 

After round 1 if any player scores a perfect score of 9 for the round they will receive a bounty of 50$. If more than one player scores a 9 the 50$ bounty will be split between all of them. If no one scores a 9 the 50$ moves on to the next round and another 50$ is added to the bounty purse. This continues for every round and keeps building until collected and then starts fresh with another 50$ for the next round. 

When we start the final round every group is playing for a prize purse. The top 4 players will be awarded trophies and the following cash prizes

1st place-$1500

2nd place-$1000

3rd place-$700

4th place-$400

After that the 4 players in each group below are playing for a prize purse for the winner of the group you are playing in. The higher your group number the higher the prize purse. The purses are as follows

Group 1-$170

Group 2-$165

Group 3-$160

Group 4-$155

Group 5-$150

Group 6-$145

Group 7-$140

Group 8-$135

Group 9-$130

Group 10-$125

Group 11-$120

Group 12-$115

Group 13-$110

Group 14-$105

Group 15-$100

Group 16-$95

Group 17-$90

Group 18-$85

Group 19-$80

Group 20-$75

Group 21-$70

Group 22-$65

Group 23-$60

Group 24-$55

Group 25-$50

This is all based on a full field of 100 players and is subject to change based on entry fee and if the field is not full when we start the event. 

This is a marathon tournament so there is no finals and anything can happen in the last minute just like in a marathon. Don’t let someone with a burst of energy bolt past you in the final round!

Every player who plays for all 24 hours and never sits out a round will be awarded a completion medal just like finishing a marathon. These will be custom cast medals just for this event. 

Refund Policy as follows:

75% Refund until August 4th

50% Refund until September 22nd

25% Refund until October 19th

No Refunds after October 19th