CRAP League

Season 8 of CRAP League will start on November 1st where Monday nights will take place at The Sanctum (290 Pratt St. Meriden CT) with a start time of 7:30 PM. Then on November 2nd Tuesday nights will take place at Pizza J (967 Westminster St. Providence RI) with a start time of 6:30PM. This season will run for 6 weeks. We will still drop your 2 lowest scores or missed weeks. So 4 weeks will count. League dues for the season will be $20. All money goes towards division payouts abs trophies at finals of the season. Each week you will be put into groups of 4 and each player will pick one game for the night. You will get a score of 7/5/3/1 based on what place you come on in each game to give you a total score for the night. All standings will be available on Everyone will qualify for finals. Top 16 will be A division, next 16 B and so on. Finals will be group elimination matchplay. Below is the schedule of the dates that will be played. You can only choose to play one location per week.

Week 1
Sanctum Nov 1st
Pizza J Nov 2nd

Week 2
Sanctum Nov 8th
Pizza J Nov 9th

Week 3
Sanctum Nov 29th
Pizza J Nov 30th

Week 4
Sanctum Dec 6th
Pizza J Dec 7th

Week 5
Sanctum Dec 13th
Pizza J Dec 14th

Week 6
Sanctum Dec 27th
Pizza J Dec 28th

Sanctum Jan 8th

Sanctum Update 5/22

Following all CDC and State guidance we will no longer require face masks for vaccinated people coming into The Sanctum. We will allow everyone to bring their own drinks again now as well. Our current hours will still be 7-Midnight on Monday nights with a suggested donation of $20 for all you can play. We will continue to run either Head to Head Knockouts or Davey Drag Races on every Monday as well for all those who want to compete for fun. We will start planning to finally hold our last season of CRAP League finals and a future season of League. If you played in the last season of league before Covid let us know if you are still around and ready to play or if you’ve moved or aren’t ready to play. Want to make sure everyone who was involved has equal chance to rightfully participate in finals. #pinball #thesanctum #tothesanctum #itsmorefuntocompete.

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