Our Flip Frenzy format starts at 7:30 on Monday nights. This is a preset timed format. We play for 1 hour from 7:30-8:30. You are assigned a head to head match with another player on a random game. When you are finished you come back to the desk and record the winner and the loser of the match. Player 1 stays on the game and becomes player 2, player 2 moves to the back of the queue and a new player waiting in the queue comes in as player 1. You try and play as many games as possible in this hour. No standings are shown anywhere. Standings are based on you wins minus losses record. After the hour we show the results and take the top 6 players for a ladder match finals. Players 3,4,5,6 play a single game. Who ever comes in 4th place is eliminated and player 2 then joins the group and plays a new game. Again last place is eliminated. Player 1 joins and games are played until we reach the last 2 players for a final game to determine the winner.